Our Services


Any of the following situations might be a good reason to explore your career options and develop a strategy to build greater satisfaction and a path to continued career growth and success. Consider contacting us to discuss how we can help you if you are:

  • bored with your job,
  • confused about which career direction you should take,
  • not earning enough to make ends meet,
  • lacking work/life balance,
  • getting negative feedback about your performance

We use informal and formal assessment tools to help you explore your options. The informal questionnaire will help us understand what you already know and feel about your career options and situation. We employ formal tools, such as standardized personality surveys and aptitude assessments, after we learn what kind of information will be helpful. The formal tools might include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ASSESS, Strengths Finders,and Strong Interest Indicator.  


Resumes are essential for almost every job category, but they aren't the only tools required.  We partner with you to create documents that are forward-looking, helping you to achieve the next step in your career. We help you identify the accomplishments that will convince prospective employers to interview you. Our document development strategy will also prepare you with specific examples that set you apart from other candidates. 

We tailor our packages and pricing to fit your career and your budget. Prices range from $150 to $1500, depending on services required. We will discuss pricing when we contact you after you email your request for services to clara@clara.nydam.com.


​Individuals as well as organizations have engaged us to work one-on-one to provide guidance and insight to help high potential individuals achieve the next step in their careers, or to help individuals and teams at risk overcome challenges and build greater effectiveness. These engagements include assessment, involvement of the coachee as well as the leader when the service is corporate sponsored, and regular meetings that usually range from 3 months to a year.